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What is Print On Demand?

It is .. What you want, When you want it, Where you want it.

Print on Demand (POD) has changed the way companies think about printing. By decreasing the set-up time associated with conventional offset printing, POD achieves quicker turn times and still delivers oustanding print quality. Often we may produce a long run as an offset order and then support the piece if the customer runs out with digital prints (often you can't tell the difference). Text and images can quickly be added, deleted, edited or arranged - saving time and cost on low to medium quantity print jobs.

If you haven't seen a Digitally produced job lately - it's time to look again!

(The diagram below illustrates how POD can eliminate lengthy pre-press set-up by utilizing the latest printing technologies.)

Traditional Offset Printing

Traditional Offset Printing

Requires elaborate and lengthy set-up, high quantity for cost effectiveness, and additional finishing steps.

VS. Digital Print on Demand

Eliminates set-up, quantity is variable, and a finished product comes off the print engine.

Why use Print On Demand?

In today's business environment information changes day to day. To create the greatest impact, materials should be personalized or printed and distributed rapidly so the information is current. The philosophy of printing only what you need now ensures all information is current and no material is wasted through obsolescence. Digital electronically archives each project so future reprints are fast and updates are easy. POD also maximizes printing dollars by minimizing set-up cost and allows for exact quantity orders. To further enhance the ease of print ordering, Digital Marketing and Print has developed an on-line resource for our customers to archive, view and order their documents through their Custom Library (CL).

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